Lawyers providing legal services in the field of digital technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, monero and others). They provide us with all the compliance agenda (compliance with legal standards). In cooperation with them, we have already initiated steps to obtain a MiCA license.
Finrock Ltd. - Based in UAE, Finrock provides us feature-rich digital asset custody services, whilst offering military-grade encryption.
EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED - Headquartered in Delhi (India) with sales offices in the UK & the UAE, they have over a decade of experience in providing IT and Blockchain services to businesses worldwide. Their services range from the provision of business consulting to the implementation of complex Blockchain solutions, including extensive technical support.
ZEN - providesus services in the field of digital payments and financial transactions, including a payment gateway. It offers a number of features and products that are aimed at simplifying and speeding up online payments for individuals and businesses. Cooperation with ZEN.COM allowed us to create a EUR wallet and a EUR/BTC trading pair. At the same time, thanks to its services, you can transfer and withdraw EUR to Coingarage.
Simplex by NUVEI - Empowers the crypto industry with full fiat infrastructure. Thanks to the cooperation with this company, it is possible to directly buy cryptocurrencies for FIAT using credit cards on Coingarage.
Creative Heroes - A creative agency with an unusual approach to marketing. We are here for everyone looking for good ideas, performance, innovation and originality! Creative Heroes is behind the Coingarage brand. Together we plan marketing campaigns focused on brand building, but also performance campaigns in the field of SM, SEO, PPC, email marketing. We also don’t forget about event marketing and the help of influencers. We want to jointly enter the field of sports and culture as an important partner of European organizations.